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SEO services in Austin, TX through Direct SEO will help you to find your niche market and cater to your target audience to bring traffic that will result in actual sales.

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8 seo steps

Direct Line Development consists of dedicated and experienced marketing consultants who will work with you to define your goals. Together, you’ll develop a starting foundation to build your SEO plan.

1 Day


2 Day

Market Analysis

3 Day

Keyword Research

4 Day

Website Audit

5 Day

Link Building

6 Day


7 Day

On-page SEO

8 Day

Reporting & Analytics

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Learning about:
  1. your business
  2. your target market
  3. your goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • NIche analysis
  • SERP analysis
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Finding your «money» queries
  • In-depth keyword planning
  • KD analysis
  • Keyword prioritization
  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • UX & UI audit
  • Backlink profile audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO friendly texts for company description
  • Starting link building campaign
  • Continual search of relevant resources
  • Design and SEO friendly texts for social media
  • SEO friendly texts for landing pages
  • Featured images set 
  • Blog articles
  • Topical research for additional content
  • URL optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Schema mark up implementation
  • Keyword positions tracking
  • Website traffic tracking
  • Backlink profile tracking
  • Website performance check

SEO Rates

Basic Standard Advanced Professional
Keywords 10 keywords 20 keywords 40 keywords 80 keywords
Locations 1 Location 3 Locations 5 Locations 7 Locations
Guarantees Minimum of 5 in top-10 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 10 new keywords in top-10 and 10 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 20 new keywords in top-10 and 20 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 40 new keywords in top-10 and 40 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee
Linkbuilding 10 links every month 20 links every month 40 links every month 60 links every month
Website SEO Analysis checked checked checked checked
Local SEO checked checked checked checked
Analysis of Competitors checked checked checked checked
Monthly Reporting checked checked checked checked
SSL Certificate for secured data transfer checked checked checked checked
Improving website loading speed checked checked checked
Creating / Optimizing of Social Networks accounts checked checked checked
Development time for conversion improvement checked checked
Crowd-marketing checked

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While it may seem that content marketing and SEO for businesses in Austin, TX are two separate factors that stand alone, they actually work best when used together. They work together, each in a different way, to achieve the same goals: more traffic and more sales. The difference between the two, however, is only slight. For SEO services, an SEO expert utilizes keywords and other factors to increase traffic. Content marketing is a broader process in which our SEO company from Austin, TX fine-tunes the actual content or text of the page to make a cohesive website with clear objectives and voice. 

SEO and web marketing need each other to be effective. The only way to produce an effective website that gets the traffic that you want is to implement them both. Local SEO marketing services from a competent company are equally important.

How an SEO Consultant Can Get Traffic Through Search Engines

When you hire SEO consultants, you are probably expecting their strategies to actually work. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies in Austin, TX practice effective SEO. The first thing to keep in mind is that Google is getting pickier about the pages that it prioritizes. Google looks for relevance, quality, and trustworthiness. Your site should have actual content with organic keywords (not just a bunch of keywords), it should be user-friendly, and it should be linked to other sites that Google knows to be relevant and trusted; this is what a top-tier Austin SEO agency ensures.

Keywords are extremely important for search engine optimization. As stated before, not only should your page include relevant keywords but they should be integrated into the relevant, coherent copy. You should link to trusted sites and sites that are also relevant and receive a lot of traffic.

Do You Need an Austin SEO Expert, or Can You Do SEO on Your Own?

Although it is possible to do your own SEO, it is an intensive and ongoing process. The first aspect that has to be constantly maintained is your keyword research. If you hire SEO consultants in Austin, part of their job will be to constantly research relevant keywords for your web content and update your page to include them. Another factor that will be constantly maintained is the content itself. It should be regularly refreshed and updated so that all of the information on your site remains relevant. People should be able to depend on your page for new information. Lastly, your site should be consistently monitored to make sure that your SEO optimization efforts and SEO audits are effective. Tracking success is also important, this is why professional Austin SEO companies are more effective.

Why Choose Direct SEO Over Other Austin SEO Companies?

Direct SEO is a team of professionals who are dedicated to producing quality content using relevant and effective SEO methods and keyword research. With a local SEO option, our SEO experts offer to make your site for free and a guarantee of our work. If it does not work, you get your money back. We also set a fixed maximum budget, meaning our team will not keep adding expenses as your project grows. As a premium internet marketing company, we have more than 120 projects in the works right now and would love to start your SEO project today.

We will generate organic traffic for your content, constantly monitor SEO progress via regular audits, and build authority without having to buy links.

Do Not Wait! Contact SEO Experts Now

If you are looking for a trusted SEO consultant, Austin, TX, has the best ones around. Do not hesitate to let us help you to earn more traffic for your website by implementing the best SEO practices and maintaining your website. Our top-tier professional SEO consultants are waiting for you to let us improve your business.   

We operate both in Austin, TX, and globally. The sooner we get started, the better. Get in touch now!

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